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Bladeless Heater & Cooler Fan NBF-2103/NBF-2103H/NBF-2103C

Product number:NBF-2103

product category: Bladeless Fan

Bladeless Heater&Cooler Fan NBF-2103/NBF-2103H/NBF-2103C Power: 30W/1800W 8 speeds setting,Blowing distance: 4.35m 7.5-hour timer 90°oscillation LED display & indicator Touch sensitive buttons Remote control Power cord storage Quiet operation: <51dB Optional color: White or Customized Product size:269x269x983mm N.W.: 2.5KGS Optional function: Heating funcon: 1800W MAX(NBF-2103H) Detachable air outlet pipe(NBF-2103C)

  • product description
  • Introducing the NBF-2103: Your All-Season Comfort Solution

    The NBF-2103 is more than just a fan; it's a versatile home comfort system designed to adapt to your needs throughout the year. Whether you're seeking a refreshing breeze on a hot summer day or soothing warmth on a chilly winter evening, the NBF-2103 delivers exceptional performance, unmatched convenience, and sleek design.

    Cooling FunctionYesYesYes
    Cooling Power30W30W30W
    Speed Settings8 Speeds8 Speeds8 Speeds
    Blowing Distance4.35m4.35m4.35m
    Heating FunctionNoYes (1800W Max)No
    Timer7.5 Hours7.5 Hours7.5 Hours
    DisplayLED Display & IndicatorLED Display & IndicatorLED Display & Indicator
    ControlTouch Buttons & Remote ControlTouch Buttons & Remote ControlTouch Buttons & Remote Control
    Power Cord StorageYesYesYes
    Noise Level< 51dB< 51dB< 51dB
    ColorWhite or CustomizedWhite or CustomizedWhite or Customized
    Optional FunctionN/AN/ADetachable Air Outlet Pipe


    Unparalleled Power & Performance:

    • 30W Cooling Fan: Enjoy powerful air circulation with 8 adjustable speeds, reaching a distance of 4.35 meters for optimal cooling comfort.
    • Optional 1800W Heating Function (NBF-2103H): Experience instant and efficient warmth with a maximum output of 1800W, ideal for combating even the coldest days.

    Tailored Comfort & Convenience:

    • 7.5-Hour Timer: Set the NBF-2103 to automatically turn off after a specific duration, ensuring energy efficiency and peace of mind.
    • 90° Oscillation: Create a wider cooling or heating zone with the fan's sweeping oscillation, ensuring even distribution of airflow.
    • Effortless Control: Choose between the intuitive touch-sensitive buttons or the convenient remote control for effortless operation.
    • Quiet Operation (below 51dB): Enjoy a comfortable environment without compromising on peace and quiet.

    Designed for Modern Living:

    • Minimalist Design: The NBF-2103 boasts a sleek and contemporary design that complements any modern home décor.
    • Optional Colors: Choose from classic white or a customized color to match your individual style preferences.
    • Compact Footprint: Measuring just 269x269x983mm and weighing 2.5kgs, the NBF-2103 fits seamlessly into any space without sacrificing performance.
    • Detachable Air Outlet Pipe (NBF-2103C): Direct the airflow precisely where you need it most with this optional feature.
    • Integrated Power Cord Storage: Eliminate unsightly cord clutter and maintain a clean, organized look.

    The NBF-2103 is more than just a fan; it's an investment in your year-round comfort. With its powerful performance, intuitive features, and stylish design, it's the perfect addition to any modern home.

    Contact us today to learn more about the NBF-2103 and experience the difference for yourself!

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