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🌬️ Elevate Your Cooling Experience with the SM-36EA Electronic Tower Fan! 🌬️

Ricardo Chong

🌬️ Elevate Your Cooling Experience with the SM-36EA Electronic Tower Fan! 🌬️


Looking for the perfect blend of performance and style in a tower fan? Look no further! Our 92cm (36") Tower Fan is here to revolutionize your cooling needs. Whether you're a high-volume buyer, a supermarket owner, or a part of a trading company, this tower fan is designed to exceed your expectations.

🌟 Performance Features that Impress! 🌟

Let's start with what truly matters – performance. The SM-36EA boasts a robust 45W power output, ensuring swift and efficient cooling for any room. With 3 wind modes (normal, natural, sleep) and 3 variable speed settings, you have complete control over your comfort. 😎

The 12-hour timer lets you tailor the fan operation to your schedule, ensuring a cool and relaxing environment whenever you need it. Worried about noise? Fear not! Our tower fan delivers super quiet air delivery, allowing you to work, rest, or sleep without any disturbances. 🤫

For those who crave widespread cooling, the 70° oscillation feature ensures that every corner of your room receives a refreshing breeze. 🔄

🌈 Customization to Suit Your Taste! 🌈

We understand that personalization is key. That's why the SM-36EA comes in three sleek color options: White, Black, or Customized. Tailor the fan to match your interior design or brand aesthetics. 🎨

The luxury LED display not only adds a touch of sophistication but also provides room temperature information, ensuring you're always in control. And guess what? You can control all these features from the comfort of your couch with the included remote control! 📱

⭐ Unique Design for Ultimate Convenience! ⭐

Our tower fan is not just about cooling; it's about enhancing your lifestyle. The tall and slim design of the SM-36EA ensures it fits seamlessly into any room, saving you precious space. Its eye-catching appearance will undoubtedly draw the attention of your customers, making it a hot commodity on your shelves. 🔥

The LED display adds a modern touch, and the ability to customize the fan's appearance ensures it complements any setting. It's the perfect fusion of form and function. 🌟

Get in Touch for Business Cooperation! 📩

Ready to enhance your product offerings with the SM-36EA Electronic Tower Fan? For business cooperation inquiries, please reach out to:


Don't miss out on this opportunity to provide your customers with a cooling solution that's stylish, customizable, and high-performing! 🌬️ #TowerFan #CoolingSolution #CustomizableFan #PerformanceAndStyle

Elevate your cooling game with our SM-36EA Electronic Tower Fan! Experience power, customization, and unique design all in one.


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