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Is your home warm this winter? Count the hot spots of complaints and learn to protect the rights of heating

After entering winter every year, heating has become a hot spot and focus of consumer complaints. Yesterday, the reporter learned from the Provincial Consumers Association that from the complaints received by the Provincial Consumers Association in previous years, the problems were mainly concentrated in the substandard heating quality, the bundle of property fees and heating fees, the freezing of the whole building if one person did not pay the fee, and disputes It is difficult for consumers to provide evidence, and there are five aspects in which problems occur and the maintenance is not timely.

Focus 1 Heating quality is not up to standard

The failure of heating temperature to meet the standard has always been the focus of complaints over the years. Consumers complained more about the problem that users could not enjoy heating on time and according to the amount.

Provincial Consumers Association: The heating does not reach the specified temperature, and its essence is a kind of short-lived behavior. For heating enterprises, heating is a commodity provided by enterprises to users. After consumers pay the fee, heating enterprises should provide services with quality and quantity. It is also a violation of the heating unit to guarantee the heating temperature and heating time. If the heating is not on time, it is a violation of the legitimate rights and interests of consumers. Consumers have the right to seek reasoning from the property management department or report to the relevant departments.

Focus 2 Property fee bundled with heating fee

Consumers complained that relying on the heating monopoly industry, some property companies bundled property fees and heating costs together. After the fee is charged, the company's property fee and other expenses are deducted first, resulting in insufficient heating costs and affecting the normal supply of heating for consumers in winter.

Provincial Consumers Association: 1. Additional conditions and extra charges. The property management company incorporates the heating fee into an important part of its daily financial income, and for this reason, charges a ride on the heating fee with various additional conditions. Most of these charges are unreasonable. 2. Irregular and unregulated charging without approval and permission.

Focus 3 The whole building is frozen if one person does not pay the fee

"Every year we pay the fee on time, but because some residents have not paid the fee, the heating is delayed compared to other communities, and the heating cannot be enjoyed normally even after paying the money." Mr. Gu, who lives in a certain community, complained. This phenomenon exists in many residential areas now. Although most of the residents have paid the heating fee, a small number of residents have not paid the fee, causing the whole building to suffer from "continuous sitting".

Provincial Consumers Association: The key to solving this problem is to implement central heating, household transformation, and one valve for one household, but this process should also be done gradually. For individual consumers who do not need heating due to business trips or economic reasons, the heating unit should properly solve such problems through negotiation and other methods from the perspective of humanistic care.

Focus 4 It is difficult for consumers to provide evidence in case of disputes

When there is a dispute, the user will of course negotiate with the heating unit, but when the negotiation fails, the user is likely to protect his rights through legal means, but in the heating fee dispute lawsuit, the quality and standard of heating, especially the heating After the end of the period, it is difficult for consumers to provide evidence.

Provincial Consumers Association: Consumers should remember to ask for and take good care of relevant vouchers. If there is a consumer dispute, they should promptly call 12315 or directly contact the local Consumers Association and the industry and commerce department to protect their legitimate rights and interests.

Focus 5 Problems are not repaired in time

Many residents have complained that the heating station and the property management company are not clear about the maintenance of the pipe network. Once there is a problem, they will blame each other. This kind of thing is very common during the heating period. In this case, the residents are relatively innocent. .

Provincial Consumers Association: According to relevant regulations, the pipe network beyond 1.5 meters of the boundary wall of the heating boiler room will be repaired by the property rights unit, but the households are affected by factors such as enterprise bankruptcy and the cancellation of developer qualifications. This situation needs to be fundamentally resolved. , also requires attention from all aspects. At the same time, consumers should pay heating fees on time, do not move the pipe network without permission, and communicate with the property management company and heating station in time if there is a problem.