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Beware! It could explode and catch fire! Many people use it every day...

In sultry weather, portable fans are very popular among consumers in order to blow cool wind anytime, anywhere. The reporter's investigation found that the monthly sales of some online stores ranged from several thousand to 10,000 units.

This palm-sized mini fan has no space restrictions, is easy to use and inexpensive, and is indeed very convenient. However, the reporter's investigation found that if the selection is improper, its hidden dangers are not small.

In order to understand the use of portable electric fans, the reporter came to the wholesale market to investigate. The selling price of portable electric fans on the market ranges from one to twenty yuan to nearly one hundred yuan. The sales staff told reporters that the main reason for the difference in price of this product is the quality of lithium batteries.

What is the quality of portable electric fan products? Are there any lithium batteries in the product that are of uneven quality as described by the salesperson?