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Copycat home appliance repairer

The fake address provided on the flyer makes it difficult for consumers to defend their rights. The three sins of the cottage repairer 1. The brand name "Gome" and "Suning" are placed next to the famous brand. Under the banners of 'Gome' and 'Suning', the maintenance companies not only failed to repair the electrical appliances, but also defrauded the maintenance fees, so that our consumers were deceived!" In the past few days, the reporter has received a large number of complaints from citizens, saying that the appliance maintenance industry is no longer There are new scams, some illegal maintenance companies under the banner of "Suning Professional Maintenance" and "Gome Appliance Maintenance" well-known electrical appliance companies, come to defraud consumers. According to the investigation, these so-called "professional maintenance" merchants have not actually obtained registration with the industrial and commercial department, and provided false addresses to the outside world. Suning and Gome also confirmed that the above-mentioned illegal businesses have no connection with Suning and Gome. Citizen complaints: 50 yuan was charged 1,200 yuan Not long ago, Mr. Luo, who lives in Haizhu District, went on strike due to a malfunction of his TV. It just so happened that Mr. Luo received a flyer. Mr. Luo recalled: "I saw that it said 'Suning Electrical Appliances Professional Maintenance' and 'Large Chain Maintenance Enterprise', I thought it was the maintenance point of Suning Electrical Appliances in the large home appliance store, and I called the number on the flyer. "Soon, a maintenance master came to the door and detected that the TV was "broken on the motherboard" and charged 1,200 yuan. "Not long after the repairman left, the TV broke again, and it was the same as before it was repaired." Mr. Luo called the so-called "Professional Repair of Suning Electrical Appliances" many times and asked for another repair at the door, but the other party refused to repair it for various reasons. Later, Mr. Luo learned that there is no so-called "Professional Repair of Suning Appliances" at all, and there is no peripheral appliance repair shop in the Suning Appliance Store, and the failure of the TV is only a broken capacitor part, which can be repaired for more than 50 yuan. . The reporter found the company's "home appliance repair line" 85514112 on the official website of Gome. The staff said that the "home appliance repair line" is Gome's home appliance repair phone number, and the company does not have a repair number or repair shop for peripherals. The staff of the service hotline of Suning Electric Appliance Company also told reporters that Suning Electric Appliance Co., Ltd. uses the national service hotline 4008365365 uniformly for repairs, and only provides after-sales service maintenance for the electric appliances sold in Suning Company's stores. Municipal Administration for Industry and Commerce: 44 complaints were received on the phone in 3 months. The 12315 Consumer Application (Complaint) Complaint Center of Guangzhou Administration for Industry and Commerce stated that in the past three months, the 12315 Consumer Application (Complaint) Complaint Report has received a total of "Suning Professional" complaints. Maintenance” and “Gome Electric Appliance Maintenance” provided false addresses and failed to fulfill service commitments. There were a total of 44 calls, and nearly 30 related applications (complaints) and reported cases were accepted. According to the investigation by the Guangzhou Municipal Bureau of Industry and Commerce, these so-called "professional maintenance" businesses have not actually obtained registration with the industry and commerce department, and provided false addresses. Electrical appliances and Gome have nothing to do with it. When consumers contact the service phone number on the leaflet, the door-to-door service is almost always non-professional maintenance workers. Not only are the maintenance skills not guaranteed, but they also often deliberately fabricate and exaggerate the failure. Factory parts, and the maintenance department refused to answer when consumers called to ask questions. Consumer Tip: Don't trust the leaflets Guangzhou Municipal Administration for Industry and Commerce and Guangzhou Consumer Council suggest that consumers should be vigilant and report in time, don't trust the home appliance repair leaflets distributed on the street, don't trust the door-to-door service personnel, don't trust Unscrupulous businesses under the banners of well-known electrical appliance firms such as "Suning Professional Repair" and "Gome Electrical Appliance Repair" provide electrical appliance repair services to avoid economic losses. If the address provided by the business does not exist and is suspected of illegal fraud, consumers can directly call 110 to report to the public security organ for handling.