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Wang Ran: Gome sues Huang Guangyu, the contradiction between the two sides is irreconcilable

At 19:00 on August 5th, Gome issued an announcement on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, announcing that it would initiate legal proceedings against the company's indirect shareholder and former executive director Huang Guangyu for repurchasing the company's shares around January and February 2008. seek compensation for the alleged breach of the fiduciary duty and trust of the directors of the company. contacted Wang Ran, CEO of Ekai Capital. Wang Ran first expressed that he was surprised by the lawsuit, but he believed that listed companies must obey the interests of all shareholders. This just shows that the contradiction between Huang Guangyu and Gome has arrived. irreconcilable point. When asked whether the lawsuit shows Gome's complete determination to "go to Huang Guangyuhua", Wang Ran said that any listed company cannot only take into account a certain major shareholder, but should obey the interests of all shareholders. For the long-term development of the company, the current management must take the overall situation into consideration and take care of the interests of more shareholders. On the other hand, Wang Ran believes that the market in Hong Kong is relatively mature and there is already a complete set of corporate governance laws and regulations, and this lawsuit can be resolved under the legal framework.