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The continuous high temperature promotes the heating of the home appliance market, and the sales of air conditioners and electric fans have increased greatly!

The high temperature weather in the past few days has made the home appliance market fire. The reporter visited the Nanning home appliance store and learned that since July, the sales of cooling appliances such as air conditioners and electric fans have increased significantly. Businesses have seized business opportunities and started the "Summer Home Appliance Market Competition".


Electric fans sold in a home appliance store in Nanning.

Individual models are "hard to find"

After entering the dog days, the temperature in Nanning continued to rise. "Cooling" has become a key word in life, and home appliances such as air conditioners and electric fans that can bring coolness have become "sweet pastries".

At noon on August 5, the reporter saw in the Nanning Chaoyang store of Nanbai Appliances that there are two or three consumers buying air conditioners in front of the counters of Gree, Midea, Hisense and other brands. The shopping guide told reporters that recently, air-conditioning sales have ushered in the peak season of the year, and the sales growth has been very obvious, and some models are even "hard to find".

Recently, the sales of new high-end electric fans have also increased significantly. The hot-selling varieties include tower fans, air circulation fans, bladeless fans, etc., with prices ranging from several hundred yuan to more than one thousand yuan. Among them, fans with multiple functions and high appearance are particularly popular.

Yang Mei, deputy general manager of Nanbai Appliances, told reporters that the recent high temperature weather has obviously boosted the sales of air conditioners. Compared with the same period in 2019, the sales of air conditioners from July to now have increased by more than 20%, and it is expected that the hot sales scene will continue at least until mid-to-late August.

Health and environmental protection functions are favored

With the improvement of people's quality of life, healthy, comfortable and intelligent air-conditioning products are more favored by the public. Brands are also constantly adding additional functions to air conditioners to enhance product competitiveness.

"Mid-to-high-end products costing 3,000 yuan to 5,000 yuan are very popular among consumers." said Yu Dongbo, planning director of Jingdong Wuxing Electric Group Guangxi Company, "As people pay more attention to health, they have self-cleaning functions and a new look. Air-conditioning products with functions and comfort functions such as no wind are highly sought after, and the market share is increasing."

Another sales person in charge of the store said that in the past two years, the consumption focus of the air-conditioning market is gradually transitioning from economical applications to mid-to-high-end comfortable products. Judging from the current sales situation, consumers have higher requirements for health, environmental protection and energy saving when purchasing air-conditioning products.

No queues yet to install an air conditioner

In order to seize business opportunities, home appliance manufacturers seize the opportunity to launch promotional activities. Since the first ten days of July, the flagship store of Jingdong Wuxing Electric in Nanning City has successively launched two large-scale promotional and profit-making activities, namely "Grab Air Conditioning" and "Refrigeration Festival", attracting many citizens. Home appliance stores such as Nanbai Appliances and Nanning Suning Tesco also launched related promotions.

As the saying goes, "one-third of the product, seven of the installation", the air conditioner is bought well, and it must be installed well. In the peak season of air-conditioning sales in previous years, consumers often queued up for installation. How's it going this year?

The reporter learned from the interview that there is no "installation difficulty" in Nanning at present. Many stores said that the after-sales installation problems caused by the explosion of orders were alleviated by summoning installation masters from other places and extending the working hours. At present, consumers can basically get door-to-door installation services within 24 hours after receiving the goods, and in rare cases, the installation of air conditioners on the wall can be guaranteed within 48 hours.