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Cool electrical appliances are just in demand, and the electric fan industry is at a dead end?

Electric fans, as the representative of traditional household appliances, are the most familiar summer cooling appliances. However, with the popularity of air conditioners and the changing needs of users, electric fans seem to be a dispensable idle product in some families. So, has the electric fan industry really become the so-called sunset industry?

In hot summer, fans, electric fans, air-conditioning fans, etc. become hot search terms

At present, the traditional home appliance market is in a transition period. Compared with the period of rapid development, the trend of the entire industry is not optimistic, and it is not uncommon to hear bad comments. The sales of single products of some categories are in trouble. However, relevant data show that in the category of household appliances, the shipments and sales of electric fans have increased rather than decreased.

Judging from the search for high-frequency words on Suning.com, fans, electric fans, air-conditioning fans, etc., have received 30,000 effective searches in the past week. Big data from Suning.com Life Appliances shows that in the past June, sales of electric fans nearly doubled year-on-year, and nearly tripled compared to the same period in 2014.

"Every summer, all kinds of fans appear one after another. However, some electric fans produced by informal channels on the market have prominent phenomena such as low air volume and high noise, and there is no guarantee in terms of function and product safety, and the accident of fans hurting people is also not enough. It happens from time to time." According to the relevant person in charge of Suning Tesco Life Appliances, on the one hand, the electric fan market is mixed, and on the other hand, consumers still maintain a high demand for electric fans. As an e-commerce sales platform, it is necessary to make good products. Gatekeeper, providing consumers with safe, high-quality and cost-effective electric fans.

High-quality electric fans are selling well, fighting back the industry's "end of the road"


With the improvement of consumers' quality of life, the price factor is no longer the only factor for consumers to buy goods. Intelligent, high-performance, convenient and comfortable living appliances have become the first choice of consumers.

Take Midea's electric fan FS40-13ER as an example. The sales volume of this product in Suning.com in the second quarter exceeded 100,000 units. It wins with super multiple functions. On the basis of conventional fans, it has a special considerate mute file, which can realize 7.5 hours of scheduled appointments, and can also be remotely controlled by infrared mobile phones. And has a 28-degree pitch adjustment device, and the airfoil-shaped aviation fan blades make the air volume larger.

"The end of the road can only be those products that cannot meet the needs of users. Products that can keep up with or even lead the development trend of the electric fan industry will not lack the market." said the relevant person in charge of Suning Tesco Life Appliances.

The future development trend of home appliances: intelligence that allows users to be "lazy"

Among the many categories of household electrical appliances, many intelligent products have been seen. Once these products were launched, they were quickly recognized by consumers, such as smart cooking machines and smart sweepers.

Smart appliances save users' physical strength and time, and allow them to fully enjoy the fun of life. On the road to the intelligentization of electric fans, in addition to Midea, there are also brands of intelligent electric fan technology such as Emmet, which also integrates the control function of WiFi-APP, which truly opens the "lazy" mode of smart home appliances. Intelligent home appliances are also more suitable for special groups such as the elderly.

Although intelligence cannot change the overall status of electric fans in the home appliance industry, it will definitely squeeze the market share of low-end electric fans. Therefore, the doomsday theory of the electric fan industry does not hold. On the contrary, intelligent new electric fans that can continuously update and iterate in performance are the new way out for the electric fan industry.