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TCL, Midea, Gree, etc. seize the market blue ocean, and fully popularize fresh air conditioners within 5 years

In the post-epidemic era, healthy consumption has become a new trend. Fresh air conditioners also came into being and opened up a brand new blue ocean market. Nandu reporter recently learned from a number of white goods manufacturers that fresh air conditioners will become their flagship products this year.

According to AVC, the annual retail sales of air conditioners in my country in 2021 will be 152.7 billion yuan, a year-on-year decrease of 1.2%, and the retail sales will be 46.89 million units, a year-on-year decrease of 8.7%. Under the background of double decline in volume, white goods manufacturers began to focus on fresh air products as the focus of later development. The fresh air function of the air conditioner is particularly favored by users because it can use a centrifugal fan to realize the circulation and ventilation between the room air and the outdoor air, as well as purify the air and keep the indoor air fresh.

Chen Shaolin, Vice President of TCL Industry and General Manager of TCL Air Conditioning Division, told Nandu reporters that the first generation of air conditioners were fixed frequency air conditioners, which solved the cooling and heating needs; the second generation air conditioners were inverter air conditioners, which solved the needs of energy saving and comfort; The third-generation air conditioner is a fresh air conditioner, which will solve the needs of smart health.

At present, the mainstream air-conditioning products in the market are only temperature and humidity regulators, which cannot effectively meet consumers' needs for indoor healthy air. "Air-conditioning products have not made breakthroughs and innovations for more than ten years. "Chen Shaolin said.

The Southern Metropolis reporter was informed that since last year, Gree has launched a new first-class fresh air conditioner; Midea has also launched a series of fresh air and windless air conditioners, the Wind Whisperer series, and the new windless and comfortable star SE air conditioner; "Oxygen cabin" is a high-end fresh air cabinet. At the beginning of this year, TCL Air Conditioning released a smart fresh air conditioner and a technology IP matrix headed by Little Blue Wing. Not long ago, TCL released a new product of Fresh Air Air Conditioner Little Blue Wing II...

According to the monitoring data of Aowei Cloud, the scale of online fresh air conditioners in 2021 will be 820 million yuan, a year-on-year increase of 492.7%; the offline fresh air air conditioner scale will be 1.91 billion, a year-on-year increase of 57.4%. The market continues to be popular, and companies also take the opportunity to continue to increase their weight. In the fourth quarter, the number of models of fresh air conditioners on sale in the online market reached 107, and the number of brands reached 9. Under the two-way promotion of brands and consumers, the fresh air air conditioner market continues to "grow".

However, in the face of the emerging product of fresh air air conditioners, each company's style of play is also different. Some focus on high suction, while others focus on changing air. For example, Hisense's fresh air air conditioner Bright X810 takes the removal of indoor pollution as its selling point, while Midea takes intelligence as its selling point.

Chen Shaolin said that in view of the problems of insufficient fresh air volume, high noise, and poor comfort in current fresh air products on the market to varying degrees, the selling point of TCL's fresh air air conditioners is that they can achieve large fresh air volume and low noise through noise reduction technology, and use multi-scene air. The intelligent control of quality shows the state of indoor air quality, and invented the "Little Blue Wing" high-comfort fresh air airflow organization and ejection structure to achieve constant temperature and comfort.

According to Chen Shaolin, the goal of TCL Air Conditioning is to no longer sell air conditioners without fresh air function in the Chinese market in the next five years, and to promote the progress of the air conditioning industry by vigorously promoting the popularization of fresh air air conditioners.