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Title: Unveiling the Power of Innovation: GH-1601M/GH-1601MA/GH-1601MA-7 Glass Panel Heater

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In the realm of household appliances, innovation meets functionality with our cutting-edge Glass Panel Heater series - GH-1601M, GH-1601MA, and GH-1601MA-7. As a B2B manufacturer dedicated to elevating your living spaces, we delve into the intricate details of these mechanical marvels that redefine warmth and comfort in your home.

**1. The Evolution of Warmth: GH-1601M/GH-1601MA/GH-1601MA-7**

Step into a new era of heating technology with our Glass Panel Heater series. Equipped with two heating settings, GH-1601M(A) boasts 750W/1500W, while GH-1601MA-7 offers 500W/750W. Feel the warmth enveloping your space as these heaters efficiently regulate temperature, creating a cozy atmosphere for any room.

**2. Illuminating Comfort: Pilot Lamp Feature**

Navigating your heating preferences has never been easier with the pilot lamp feature. Clearly indicating the operational status, this intuitive addition ensures you're always in control, optimizing energy usage for maximum efficiency.

**3. Safety Redefined: Over-Heating and Tip-Over Protection**

Your safety is our priority. The GH-1601M/GH-1601MA/GH-1601MA-7 comes fortified with over-heating protection, guaranteeing worry-free operation. The integrated tip-over protection inside adds an extra layer of security, providing peace of mind for you and your loved ones.

**4. Tailored Comfort: Adjustable Temperature Control**

Customize your comfort with the adjustable temperature control feature. Fine-tune the heat output to suit your preferences, creating a personalized warmth that adapts to the changing seasons and room dynamics.

**5. Aesthetics Meets Functionality: Front Tempered Glass Design**

Elevate the visual appeal of your living space with the front tempered glass design. Not just a heater but a statement piece, our Glass Panel Heater seamlessly blends into any interior, combining aesthetics with functionality for a modern, sophisticated look.

**6. Versatility Unleashed: Free Standing Use and Carry Handle**

Experience the freedom to place your heater anywhere with the free-standing design. The convenient carry handle adds to the portability, allowing you to move the heater effortlessly from room to room, ensuring comfort follows you wherever you go.

**7. Intuitive Controls: Turning Knob on the Side**

Simplicity meets sophistication with the turning knob on the side. Effortlessly adjust settings with a quick turn, giving you instant control over your heating preferences.

**8. Dimensions and Options: Product Size and Optional Features**

Discover the perfect fit for your space with dimensions tailored for convenience. GH-1601M: 620x200x390mm, N.W.: 4.4KGS; GH-1601MA-7: 500x200x370mm, N.W.: 4.13KGS. Choose between classic White and bold Black colors to complement your interior aesthetics.

**Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)**

1. *Q: Can I use the Glass Panel Heater in the bathroom?*
  - **A:** The GH-1601MA model is equipped with an x-shape heating element, making it IPX4 waterproof, ensuring safe use in the bathroom.

2. *Q: How does the adjustable temperature control work?*
  - **A:** The adjustable temperature control allows you to fine-tune the heat output according to your preferences, providing a customized heating experience.

3. *Q: Is the Glass Panel Heater suitable for large rooms?*
  - **A:** Yes, the GH-1601M/GH-1601MA/GH-1601MA-7 is designed to efficiently heat both small and large rooms, ensuring uniform warmth.

4. *Q: Can I leave the heater unattended for long periods?*
  - **A:** While the over-heating protection adds safety, it's recommended not to leave the heater unattended for extended periods for energy efficiency.

5. *Q: Are there any additional color options available?*
  - **A:** Currently, the Glass Panel Heater is available in classic White and Black colors. Additional color options may be introduced based on demand.

**Conclusion: Elevate Your Comfort with GH-1601M/GH-1601MA/GH-1601MA-7**

In conclusion, our Glass Panel Heater series sets a new standard in home heating, combining innovation, safety, and aesthetics. As you embrace the warmth and versatility of GH-1601M/GH-1601MA/GH-1601MA-7, you're not just investing in a heater; you're investing in a statement piece that transforms your living space. Embrace the future of warmth with our revolutionary Glass Panel Heaters.

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