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Creating a cozy bathroom, BH-1701E bathroom heater all-around solution

Ricardo Chong

As winter approaches, a cozy and warm bathroom is crucial to the quality of our daily lives. And BH-1701E bathroom heater brings more functions and experience to our bathroom while meeting the heating needs.

First of all, BH-1701E adopts IP24 level dustproof and waterproof design to ensure the normal operation of the product in humid bathroom environment. Whether it is steam during hot water bathing or splashes that may occur during washing, there is no need to worry about the impact on the product.

Secondly, BH-1701E has a one-button timer function, which can be set for a week of timed start and wake-up function according to the user's needs. No need to worry about the embarrassment of waking up from cold wind, just set the time in advance and the warm air will be delivered on time.

In addition, BH-1701E also has a wide range of temperature adjustment from 5 degrees Celsius to 35 degrees Celsius, which allows users to freely adjust the temperature of the bathroom according to their personal preferences and seasonal changes, creating a cozy bathing environment.

In addition to its main heating function, the BH-1701E is designed with a unique rotating towel rack. Users can hang their bath towels on the rack for both easy drying and use, allowing you to enjoy a more comfortable bathing experience in the warm air.

The BH-1701E stays within compact dimensions of 355mm x 145mm x 580mm when unfolded for installation and 355mm x 153mm x 380mm when folded for collection, making it very convenient and practical for both installation and collection.

Last but not least, the BH-1701E has several safety protection features, including overheat protection and body sensor detection function. Whether it's accidental overheating or forgetting to turn off the unit, the BH-1701E keeps users safe.

Summary: The BH-1701E bathroom heater offers a comprehensive solution for the bathroom with its excellent features and safety performance. Whether it is the warm and cozy heating experience or the convenient and practical design, BH-1701E can bring you a satisfying experience. Come and create a cozy and comfortable bathroom!

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