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BATHROOM HEATER: A High-Tech Warm Air Artifact

Ricardo Chong

BATHROOM HEATER BH-1401EU brings you visual enjoyment with its unique appearance design and bright white color tone, whether you hang it on the wall or place it in the corner. The unique soft-touch button control allows you to easily adjust the temperature, turn on/off the unit and select other functions.

The BATHROOM HEATER BH-1401EU has three operating modes to choose from: 2000 watts, 1000 watts and towel heating bar. The Towel Heating Bar is designed so that you can enjoy a warm and cozy towel after a shower and fold it to store it on the body.

Want to change the decoration style of your bathroom?BATHROOM HEATER BH-1401EU's multi-color kit can easily realize your idea. Whether it's a fresh white kit or a stylish black kit, it will meet your needs.

BATHROOM HEATER BH-1401EU is equipped with a week timer with wake-up function. You can set the timer to turn on and off according to your routine, and the morning wake-up function allows you to feel warm immediately when you wake up.

The temperature adjustment function allows you to adjust the temperature from 5°C to 40°C according to your preference. Whether you prefer warm air or a warm atmosphere, the BATHROOM HEATER BH-1401EU will meet your expectations.

The BATHROOM HEATER BH-1401EU is equipped with several safety features compared to ordinary warm air hHEATERs. The over-temperature protection ensures safe and reliable use, while the body detector prevents wasted energy. Meanwhile, the IP24 dust and waterproof design and dust filter purification reminder make the BATHROOM HEATER BH-1401EU very easy to maintain.

Both in design and function, the BATHROOM HEATER BH-1401EU meets all your needs for a warm air wonder. Its convenience, diverse working modes and safety features make it an indispensable device for your home bathroom. Come and choose your BATHROOM HEATER BH-1401EU to bring warmth to the cold winter!



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