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Ricardo Chong

A fresh and comfortable bathroom is essential to clean oneself. And in the winter and humid season, a warm bathroom environment is also an indispensable choice for us. The emergence of BATHROOM HEATER bathroom heater can not only help you solve the problem of bathroom humidity, but also bring you a comfortable and warm bathing experience.

Its appearance adopts a simple and fashionable design, with a durable shell with an integrated LCD display and touch key control, allowing users to control the device more conveniently in a warm bathroom environment. Its unique one-piece housing is dustproof and IP24 rated waterproof, so no matter what class of hotel or home you adopt the device in, you can easily meet the value for money you get from your investment!

BATHROOM HEATER also offers an optional white trim kit that adds a sense of style to your bathroom and blends more seamlessly into your decorated bathroom. The white look kit is especially useful when there are no other larger decorative items to "brighten up" your bathroom, not just a bland room.

In addition, the BATHROOM HEATER also has a weekly timer and wake-up function. With this function, you can not only preset the start time at any time, but also use it to remind yourself or your guests to take a bath on time, making your bathroom more efficient and tidy. 2000W/1000W dual setting can adapt to your different usage habits, allowing you to enjoy the unique experience of the bathroom environment while enjoying the warmth.

BATHROOM HEATER also has one of the most basic but necessary functions - temperature adjustment. 5-35'C temperature adjustment range allows your bathroom to adapt to almost any temperature requirements, truly comfortable, and eliminates some unnecessary adjustment steps.

The BATHROOM HEATER also features a wall-mounted design, making it easier for cleaners to clean their bathrooms because it takes up no space, much less the already limited foot space on the floor. The wall-mounted design also means that you can apply the layout space more flexibly, and it also saves the trouble of placing it on the floor.

Let's go back to safety again, the BATHROOM HEATER is equipped with an overheat protection function that will shut itself down when it works for longer than the preset range or when the temperature is too high, reducing the potential risks caused by lower quality heaters or user error.

The BATHROOM HEATER also provides a dust filter clean reminder function. When it detects a serious accumulation of dust, dirt and other particles in the filter, BATHROOM HEATER will remind the user to clean the filter in time by prompting sound. This feature not only keeps the heater's service life longer, but also helps keep the environment clean.

Finally, the BATHROOM HEATER is very easy to operate and its product size is perfect for bathroom installation, with dimensions of 310mm x 130mm x 380mm and a net weight of 3.1KGS, not too light in weight but not too stressful or inconvenient for you.

All in all, BATHROOM HEATER is a trustworthy, safe, simple, comfortable and efficient bathroom heater that brings a better, warm, healthy and modern bathing environment to your bathroom.

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