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Glass panel heater for bathroom- GH-20TURBO-W is now on sale!

Ricardo Chong

🔥🚿 Special promotion! Glass panel heater for bathroom- GH-20TURBO-W is now on sale! 🚿🔥🔥

The powerful 2500W heating power can raise the bathroom temperature to the desired temperature in seconds with 4 heating settings to meet different needs. 20W of heating film and 18W of PTC heating, plus 200W of full power heating, provide you with the best heating effect. 🌡️

IPX4 waterproof design, can be used in the bathroom with peace of mind. Humanized design, comes with LED display and control panel, weekly timer program, 5-35℃ temperature adjustment and clean filter, as well as intelligent window opening detection and overheating protection, allowing you to use with more peace of mind. 👍

In addition, its unique bath towel holder design slides up and down at will, making it easy for you to access your bath towels in the shower. Product size is 470x170x820mm, net weight 9.9KG, available in black and white.

Place your order and enjoy the convenience and comfort of a new generation of smart heaters. You can also choose to be equipped with wifi function and body sensor to enhance the intelligence and automation of the device. 💡

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