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ELECTRONIC TOWER FAN SM-32EB is an 80.5cm ( 32" ) tower fan

Ricardo Chong

Do you want to enjoy the cool breeze in the hot summer? Are you tired of ordinary fans and want a fan that is more advanced, smarter and quieter? If so, then you should definitely check out our ELECTRONIC TOWER FAN SM-32EB!

ELECTRONIC TOWER FAN SM-32EB is an 80.5cm ( 32" ) tower fan with the following advantages:

Power output of 45w, energy saving and environmental friendly, while providing strong wind power.
Three wind modes are available: normal, natural and sleep, to meet your different needs and preferences.
Luxurious LED display and room temperature display, allowing you to keep track of the fan's working status and room temperature.
Three variable speed settings, allowing you to freely adjust the wind speed size.
7.5 hours timer function, so you don't need to worry about forgetting to turn off the fan and save electricity bill.
Super quiet air supply design, so you can enjoy a quiet and comfortable sleep.
70 degree shaking head function, so that the fan covers a larger area and evenly disperses the wind.
Remote control operation allows you to control the fan anytime and anywhere without getting up.
The ELECTRONIC TOWER FAN SM-32EB has a product size of 272x272x805mm and weighs only 2.6kg, making it easy to carry and store. You can also choose from white, black or custom colors to suit your preference.

ELECTRONIC TOWER FAN SM-32EB is a tower fan that combines beauty, practicality and intelligence, making it a must-have home appliance for your summer days. Contact us now for great prices and attentive service!

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