Air Cooler Fan CF-2008:80w/Wifi/HEPA 13 Filter/PM2.5 detector-Your Ultimate Summer Cooling Solution

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Today I would like to introduce you to an awesome Air Cooler!!!✨💨

With the long hot summer, can't you start to wait for a powerful and convenient air conditioner? This CF-2008 Air Cooler is definitely the one for you! ✨💪

First of all, let's take a look at its 🌟 features 🌟! With a power of 80W, this Air Cooler will make your room cool in no time! Equipped with LED display, you can know the indoor temperature at any time; touch control panel is easy to operate, and the indicator light is clear at a glance; there are also 3 adjustable wind speeds, low, medium and high (9.4m/s), adjustable by you; 4 wind mode options, normal/natural/sleep/strong, to meet different needs; automatic swing function, up and down, left and right, automatically rotate back, so that the fan's air delivery range is wider! These are its unique features oh! ✨🌬️

Of course, it has other useful ✨functions✨! This Air Cooler is equipped with a 6-liter water tank, which is easy to disassemble for adding water and cleaning; there is also a water shortage indicator to remind you to refill the water in time! The remote control function allows you to control it at any time; the 12-hour timer function allows you to turn it off automatically while you sleep; the mobility pulleys make it easy to move anywhere; and the ice box provides an extra cooling experience! This is truly a well thought out design! ✨💦.

In addition to these thoughtful designs, there are other options for this Air Cooler! Choose from white, black, pink, green or customize the color you want! You can also choose from optional features such as Wi-fi functionality, semiconductor electric cooling technology, negative ion functionality, HEPA 13 filter, PM2.5 detector, and magnetic placement of the remote control, just to name a few! Allowing you to personalize your choice to suit your needs! ✨🌈

With dimensions of 270x310x792mm and a net weight of 6.8kg, this CF-2008 Air Cooler is easy to carry and place. It is a good choice for home, office or outdoor! ✨🏠🏢🌳

Hurry up and own a CF-2008 Air Cooler now! Make your summer cooler and more comfortable! ✨🌞🌞🌞

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